I'm the wicked witch of yr dreams, babe.

It occurred to me that I probably have a few messages piled up in my inbox, but I stopped using tumblr for mental health/personal betterment at the beginning of this year. So this is just a psa saying it’s not personal that I haven’t responded to your message. Find me on facebook or something.


Nothing is new today

Dakotah was the only good thing about 2013. Literally everything else was complete and utter bullshit. Good riddance.


Tenement rules, this comp rules, etc.

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i need it


Stop taking, posting, reblogging images of people, in any circumstance save being a rapist or abuser, without their consent. People who pose a threat to others need to be identified, but children at the mall who don’t understand the product they’re using, protesters with visible faces, and even people who you think look really great — unless you have their consent to be taking, and SHARING, these images, please don’t do it. You never know who you could be harming, and I don’t just mean “putting on the internet to be made fun on.” This is bad enough; but think about who you could be endangering. Just because we have the ability to share information with a mass audience does not mean we should. Think for a moment: where do you think images for sex-based websites are taken from? Many people don’t consent to these images being shared. What if your image ended up as a meme, or on an ad for something you would never condone or buy into? Remember that consent comes into play everywhere, not just in sexual situations, and sharing someone’s image without their knowledge or expressed consent is a violation of bodily autonomy. This is especially important to remember when it comes to minors. Be very careful, as you are skirting a line when you reblog these things, even for humor.

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My husband gave me the best crustmas gift